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Caviar vanilla 125 gms net
The heart of vanilla ready to use
also available in 250 gms, 500 gms
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Our caviar comes from vanilla pods our best, selected for their exceptional qualities. Elaborated in our preparation center, the pods are split one by one to extract the pulp and oil in order to extract the best of the aroma.


The interior is lined vanilla beans seeds, pulp and oil, highly aromatic. When this pulp together, we get a vanilla caviar, which can be used in the preparation of your dessert sauces, and can be added to yogurt with fruit compote, fans will recognize a product of great quality.


Convenient and easy to use one teaspoon vanilla caviar enough to flavor a dish.
It is a good alternative to vanilla.
Use this aromatic treat your sweet dishes, but with a little daring in your savory recipes ... you will make happy! The vanilla caviar is also useful to use and is easily incorporated into waffles, pancakes, cake mixes, etc ...

GOURMET RECIPE { Yoghurt mousse with vanilla caviar }

Necessary ingredients:

2 Nature Yogurts
4 tablespoons of whipping cream
2 large teaspoons of liquid honey
1 hint of vanilla caviar knife
Serve with some pineapple slices

Mix the yogurt with the cream, honey and vanilla caviar.
Pour into a siphon and store in the fridge until ready to serve.
At the last moment, turn the gas cartridge and use your yoghurt mousse on fruit cubes served in a jar.

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