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Black natural vanilla powder extra fine 50 net gms
Caviar vanilla 75 net gms
Conditioning in Madagascar on the place of production

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In practical use fine and pure powder Vanilla is obtained by grinding and sieving This is an excellent substitute pods.

Our caviar has a concentration of exceptional aroma of vanilla. The pulp and oil content in the black vanilla bean is carefully removed by hand in our workshop preparation.



Caviar has a very concentrated smell and a few gms are enough to flavor your dishes. The seeds have a black and oily appearance.
In sweet taste, caramele and greedy, this Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar caviar is of exceptional olfactory quality. it is ideal to bring touch of vanilla to your recipes!

Directions for use

Caviar vanilla inside the pod is carefully removed by hand to bring you the best of the flavor. This gives you the heart of the pod ready for use
Packaged in a pretty decorative box. Usual dosage 2% of the total weight of your preparation.



Specially selected for its olfactory qualities. The entire pod is pulverized and ground without adding nothing which reveals incomparable smell of vanilla ready for use

Directions for use

Convenient and Economical, a powdered vanilla teaspoon is needed to flavor a dish, and is a good alternative to vanilla. So you can use it to flavor your sweet and savory dishes. The vanilla powder also proves more convenient to use and is incorporated more easily into the cake dough, pancakes and waffles. This is the perfect ingredient for vanilla macaroons.

GOURMET RECIPE { Chicken fillet with vanilla caviar }

4 poultry fillets
25 cl cream
12 cl of white wine
1 large shallot
20 g butter
1/4 tsp vanilla caviar

Salt and pepper on both sides of poultry netting.
Heat in a pan with oil and butter (hazelnut). Cook the fillets about 3-4 minutes per side, barely colored. Discard the fillets on a plate warm.
Degrease the pan, add the butter and sauté the shallot. Deglaze with white wine and let reduce. Add the cream, stir gently. Add the vanilla and bring to boil. Check the seasoning.

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