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GIFT BOX 2 Tubes

A glass tube capacity: 10 pods gourmet quality
A tube concentrated extract 110 ml vanilla,on a base of alcohol 12 %
vanilla 300g / liter
(representing approximately 150 vanilla beans.)

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Vanilla gourmet natural vanilla extract 110 ml concentration 300 g / liter.
On base of alcohol 20%

Vanilla pods from Bourbon vanilla to add a pinch of roundness, a tropical note or floral flavor to your dishes, vanilla always reveal that it accompanies.

Our Natural vanilla extract is without coloring it is proposed that the high concentration 300grs by litre.cet natural extract is an essential addition to flavor all your recipes



After the 2015 harvest, these beautiful big black vanilla pods from the North East coast of Madagascar are high quality vanilla beans, meaty, although oily and greasy.

Using advice VANILLA POD

Infusion in liquid (milk, tea, coffee, rum, cognac, orange wine, etc ...) The ideal is to split the pod in half with a knife, scrape the inside with a spoon to get the pulp and seeds.
Always brew in hot milk 60/80 ° early recipe to allow time for vanilla "give" its aromas. Whisk half infusion to dissolve the pulp seeds.


1 vanilla extract 110 ml pronounced taste, this Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is of exceptional olfactory quality. It is ideal to bring touch of vanilla to your recipes!


With this vanilla extract tube multiply the bourbon vanilla aroma flavors to XXL. No sugar and no calories, this natural extract is the essential complement to flavor all your recipes, and awaken your taste buds! To flavor in an instant your pastries and other preparations, there is no better.

GOURMET RECIPE { Desserts and cocktails }

Pure vanilla perfect happiness for making desserts or cocktails! Vanilla extract is obtained from the long maturation beans mixed with alcohol.

COLA SODA SHOP, refreshing, fresh and tonic: 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon of cherry juice coffee, cola 12 cl. Pour ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice, add cola last. Decoration, think of lemon
Balboa Smoothie, creamy banana, 1 yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, orange juice. Blend the banana, yogurt, vanilla extract with 5 ice cubes until creamy. Slowly stir in orange juice to taste.

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