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Vanilla from Madagascar

The main variety, Vanilla planifolia grows in shady forests of the region between Sambava (26-28 ° C) and requires a soil rich in humus. Planting is done by cuttings, to avoid the hazards of germination.

The result being the commercial product, fertilization must necessarily take place at the initiative of an insect that ensures pollination, but in the case of mass production, we must ensure that fertilization by hand:

must "marry" vanilla from Madagascar, by touching the female surface by complete anther.


If fertilization is successful, the flower fades quickly, otherwise it falls over.

Seven or eight months later, the fruit is ripe, and its bottom begins to turn yellow, it is then harvested and prepared to undergo preparation that will give it its full flavor.

The cultivation of vanilla from Madagascar has been a source of considerable wealth in Madagascar.