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INOVA VANILLE Madagascar :

Located Sambava has specialized in vanilla, From collecting to packaging, INOVA Vanille offer or supply only the high quality of vanilla beans.

Address: CI 113 SAMBAVA Centre
Capacity: 10 tons
Collection capacity: 50 tons
Packaging: 250 Kg per day


Liaison office between the subsidiaries.

The activity is to facilitate the sale of wholesale products and large half and individuals all over the world thanks to its infrastructure. Permanent stocks, fast delivery service and a guaranteed after-sales service.

We mainly focus on the collection, processing and export of vanilla. Surrounded by a successful team, the group is able to offer optimal production capacity in order to comply with the requirements of the customers. The expertise acquired over the years is the fundamental asset that makes a company INOVA VANILLA essential to quality products and services. Established in several countries, the company maintains its main goal that aim to expand its network, customer loyalty and win new markets worldwide while keeping the hallmarks of its success' experience and expertise. "

Planting, preparation, packaging, export we work through in order to avoid rate increases that would be passed on to our customers.

Several tons per year, allow us to be extremely competitive and competitive price compared to the various stakeholders currently on the market.

Our professional vacuum packaging range from a few grams to 5 kg.

Upon receipt of your request, we can write you a pro-forma invoice within 24 hours and answer all your questions in the day.

Harvest dates are critical to the quality of Vanilla. We are committed through technical monitoring of production, to offer only Vanilla from mature pods carefully selected for their organoleptic qualities.

scalding sun drying and shade, sorting and packaging are essential for obtaining a quality Vanilla: we mainly provide a real partnership with our breeders

The one identification number accompanies each Lot Vanilla.

INOVA VANILLA implements a reliable recognized process of preparation to packaging inspired by the EC Regulation No 852/2004, and the International Code of Practice recommended by the Codex Food Arius, General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC / RPC 1-1969, REV 2003), all of our products will be inspected before export by the checkpoint stating conform to the phytosanitary regulations of the importing country.

Our partners are represented by traders and food manufacturers specialized in flavorings.